Autoclicker for Forex News

Autoclicker for Forex News

Autoclicker for Forex news is one of the most popular ways of speculating on news along with straddle trading. An autoclicker is a software that receives news quickly enough (ideally, before traders “react” with a price outlier. This software itself clicks the “buy” or “sell” button in the speculator's trading terminal, depending on whether the value of the published result matches the news. Before each news, analysts from leading rating agencies voice their expectations, which are then compiled into one value - the so-called analysts' forecast.

Advantages of autoclicker:

  • Entering the position "before and towards the market".
  • No trading platform dependency: you can use a simple web platform, incl. and Metatrader, or analytical terminal - the main thing is that there are buy and sell buttons on the monitor!
  • Almost all autoclickers have the ability to adjust the amount of deviation (both in the lower, and in the higher direction), the so-called. "Triggers" when exceeding which a click is made. You will be able to choose what risk and the likelihood of a sharp movement are suitable for you for a particular news;

Disadvantages of an autoclicker:

Market entry is carried out by market orders: slippages are frequent and the consequences from them are extremely negative!

  1. Most autoclickers have a subscription fee, and they are quite substantial.
  2. The main problem of autoclickers is finding a suitable dealing center.
  3. The need to be present at the monitor before each news release.